Milestone Monday: I May Not Win, So It Better Be Fun!


Yesterday’s run looked something like this.

13.22 miles of rolling hills with essentially a 4 mile gradual turning into hell hill beginning around mile 4.

8:50 average pace on HILLS and aside from the hills, the rest of the run felt relatively casual and easy in terms of pace.

That’s the kind of long run pace I’m looking for.

After Wednesday’s head disaster, I had a long chat with RP and the Mr. and came to the conclusion that it was time to get back to running for fun — to enjoy the journey, the conversation, the scenery, the escape and to run because it feels damn good.   At the end of the day, I’m not likely to win a marathon ever.  Nor am I likely to be über competitive in the field – my only competition is myself and right now, there is no reason to worry about that. I need to remind myself that I choose to do this for fun.  call me crazy, it’s ok.

  So I made a decision yesterday morning.  I turned the Garmin off – let RP manage the watch (and she’s super good at not focusing on it). I ran based on feel – feel for what felt good and how easily I could maintain a conversation with RP.  Aside from hell hill (see mile 7-8ish), and a little bit of an achy right knee, quad, hip towards the final miles, yesterday’s run rocked and I ran up every damn hill.

Something’s going right.

{that’s a sweaty, happy, post-hill dominating, free-from-the-Garmin, running face}

Next week’s LR will be in the sweltering heat of the Midwest with one of my most favorite people in the world (remember her)? I can’t wait!!!  She’s getting married and we’re bringing out all the bachelorette tricks for her.  She’s been introducing her bridesmaids over on her blog one at a time…I might have welled up reading what she wrote about me last week.

{MF Dre}


3 thoughts on “Milestone Monday: I May Not Win, So It Better Be Fun!

  1. YES!!! We BOTH got out of our heads and just ran this weekend! I love that!!! PS. I always run garmin-less, helps keep me in the zone SO much better. Less distraction, less fixation on numbers…which I already have an issue with in general. Rock on!!


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