Move, Nourish, Believe.


ladies, I have something I pinky promise you are going to love love love.

{and men, your women will love you if you learn two quick words}

Lorna Jane

Designed for women by women, Lorna Jane has come from “down under” and made her way to Malibu, Santa Monica, and Marina del Rey bringing one heck of a hallelujah to fitness and fashion.

Through my relationship with FitFluential, I was invited to the new store in Santa Monica the other night to meet founder, Lorna Jane, and ask her a few questions.   Quite candidly, I came armed with a list of questions, but within minutes of meeting her, a formal list of questions hardly felt apropos – it was clear I was about to dive in to a total gab-session with a woman filled with passion, laughter, electric stories, connections and endless light.

I could write for days about how lovely Lorna Jane is, but more importantly here are the things you need to know!

With the myriad of athletic brands out there, few have been able to bridge fashion and function for sport the way Lorna Jane does.

Let’s call a spade a spade – you all know that I also love lululemon and I have drawers full of Nike, Adidas and New Balance.  But when you really think about it, apparel is such a small part of Nike, Adidas and New Balance’s business – they are footwear companies first.

Lorna Jane is apparel first – built and fit for a woman.  Her sense of style and of how to best support and feature the female active body is paramount.  Lorna Jane gives us another much-needed option to have a few more brands in our active wardrobe that are built for us.  Plus, Lorna Jane delivers 70-100 new styles every month so you’re less likely to be wearing the exact same outfit as the girl next to you in yoga class.

Lorna Jane’s Line is Inspired, Beautiful and Fragrant

“If you’re a creative person, you must live a creative life and you must have an interesting life to be inspired”.

Lorna Jane pulls inspiration from Art, Nature, Paint Swatches, Flowers, Magazine Ads and everyday moments, but at the end of the day, Lorna Jane believes that everything she creates is inspired by the person that she is and the life she lives.  As she aptly stated, “If you were to design your own fragrance, it would smell like all the things you love.  It would come from within and represent the whole of who you are”.  Lorna Jane’s brand is her fragrance.


Move, Nourish, Believe has been Lorna Jane’s long-standing life philosophy and something she subtly put on some of her clothes.  She had no plans to build it into a brand until she went on a national Australian tour to visit her stores.  As she met the teams, all of the girls who worked at her stores kept encouraging her to write a book!  Encouraged, she began asking her friends, her employees and her fans on facebook to help inspire the content of her book.

Move, Nourish,Believe was immediately embraced as a book and now a blog filled with pictures, recipes, different ways to exercise. a beautiful mistake!

Lorna Jane believes we can help women – and that women are such strong forces in the community  – each of us decides what our family eats, how much tv kids watch, we are so powerful.  She believes that if we can support women and provide them with inspiration to become more fit and healthy, caring about how much they exercise and what they eat, it will infiltrate into families, their children and into the next generation.

Lorna Jane is all in.

She is the designer and founder. She works there, she designs all the clothes and she truly supports women.  Her whole brand is based on her personal philosophy.  It’s a brand that represents a way of living.

Lorna Jane’s Favorites

Her book, Move Nourish Believe.  You MUST read this book, you’ll be so inspired – I’m half way through and bringing it with me to Michigan this weekend to hopefully finish.   While I already subscribe to a similar lifestyle philosophy, I love new tips on how to stay motivated, eat well and there are a ton of recipes that I am certain that will make the DT list soon!

Pammy Crop – This ‘crop top’ (australian for sports bra!) offers maximum support, adjustable straps and removable padding. It’s literally a bra you’ll fall in love with.  In my opinion it does not offer quite the ‘strap down’ support I look for while running, it is perfect for anything else I do active (or just to throw on under everyday clothes – it’s that flattering!)

Amy Tight – These come in 3/4 and full length and are made in their super soft excel fabric which lasts forever.  The  panel lines on these pants are sooo flattering and I loved the zipper pocket on the front of the hip vs. the lower back which tends to get in the way when I’m lying on my back in yoga class.

Flashdance Trackies – Lorna Jane sells 1 pair every 37 seconds!! I had to try these pants on – they are literally grab-and-go and the perfect jean alternative. You might overlook these on the rack or online, but seek them out, try them on. Then you’ll know what I’m talking about.

{decked out in her line – including Amy pant and Pammy crop with the lovely Lorna Jane}

News Flash: Lorna Jane’s got HUGE goals to have around 25 stores in Southern California within 1 1/2 – 2 years – next up are Westlake and Topanga.

You must go check out her clothes now.  For those of you who are not in Los Angeles, come visit. Seriously. Or go online. Or go to Australia.  Or send me your size and paypal me money.  Double Serious on that one. 

Thank you Lorna Jane for a fantastic time! Can’t wait to see you again soon!

 {MF Dre}

most photos courtesy of dell et ruhs

12 thoughts on “Move, Nourish, Believe.

    • Roya, I swear you will heart it so much. Honestly, I am having a hard time because I want to wear my Amy leggings literally every day. But since I can’t I had to tell myself that I can’t wear them today because I want to wear them to yoga tomorrow night…its crazy. Must buy a few more pairs!

  1. Sam

    I’ve been wearing it for 10 years. Sadly these store openings coincide with me leaving the states to return home to Brisbane Australia- the home of LJ. I have over 10 pammy crops and flash dance pants in every colour. I recommend buying a size smaller in the flash dance pants as they stretch with wear. So excited for America to finally experience LJ!

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