The Single-Hood Send-Off.


I spent the weekend on Lake Michigan celebrating friendship, love, girlfriends, incredible memories and some of the last moments of single life as V-love gets ready to run down the aisle.


{or maybe run from single-hood}


And dive straight into sand married life…


From Sips and Massages at Sunset

Morning Jogs

Sand Dune Hikes

Cocktails {with bags and bags and bags of Chips and Salsa}

Many crazy laughs {and a slew of unmentionables}.

They say friends are the family you choose for yourself and are pure reflections of the person you are and aspire to be.  Spending the weekend celebrating a girl who is passionate, generous, genius-smart, spunky, driven, colorful, adventurous, silly and utterly fantastic, I realized that this statement could never ring more true.

Cheers to the past 17 years of friendship and hopefully we’ve succeeded in sending your single days out with a bang.


{MF Dre}


6 thoughts on “The Single-Hood Send-Off.

  1. Couldn’t agree w you more. Thx Dre. I had the time of my life and will always remember sharing my bachelorette weekend with a group of amazing women doing the things I love. Being active, being silly and eating chips and salsa.


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