Run To Something.


They say good things come in 3’s and a few weeks ago, I was hoping that would ring true. Well, I hit 2/3! Hey! I can certainly live with that!  Back when I wrote this (!!!) post, we also had a few other things brewing.

We were also looking at buying a house we really loved {which, no big deal, didn’t come through} but I was also in the throes of interviews for a new job.


After 8 1/2 great years at Disney, I’ve accepted a fantastic new opportunity at Sony!
{and ready}


For the better part of the last year, I’ve had my eyes open for something new, fresh and challenging – be it internal or external. I explored many opportunities, yet most didn’t feel as if they were truly the right fit or best next step.

Along the way, I received a ton of support and a piece of really great advice.

Make sure you are running to something, not from something.

Simple and succinct, this became a definitive point of evaluation and a mantra I now carry with me – as it relates to marriage, a new home, a new job–or any other life opportunity.

After I resigned last week, I made like Forest Gump and set out on one of the most liberating runs I’ve had in a long time — and came home sweaty and smiling to a popped bottle.


{The Mr. is highly skilled in proper re-hydration plans}

I’ve got one more week at the Mouse House — it’s been a tremendous ride.  The people, the friends, the brands, the impossibles dreamed possible.  There is a lot to love for my time at Disney, but I also love change.

so much “new” lies ahead

Marriage, New Job.  What’s Next? {suggestions.welcome}

All I’m certain of is that I am running to this next phase of life.

{MF Dre}


15 thoughts on “Run To Something.

  1. I love how you wrote this post. It is very optimistic and full of hope and good vibes. First I want to congratulate you on your new job! And I want to wish you all the best at Sony! I’ve got 2 little guys here who would think you are commiting a CRIME so I will not tell them! haha!!! what is next? this is all big already….so the perfect house for you will find it!

  2. Jennifer Ste. Marie

    There is no one more deserving! You give so much of yourself; how wonderful that life is giving back to you in so many amazing ways! Love and more love, Mom


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