Bachelor-Bachelor Party.


14 miles done! 8:40 pace! Funny thing is that RP and I (well me, really) let another runner go around us at one point because I said we were ‘dragging a**’. Apparently our slow pace is not so slow for a long run pace. Progress! Towards the tail end the sun was BLAZING – probably just some preparation for what’s next in my day…


105*. Viva Las Vegas.
I just pulled my hot, sticky, disgusting self together to prepare for a night of mayhem in Vegas – double -bachelor party style.

These hot messes are getting hitched and it’s an all out party.


I’ve been warned – It will most certainly get ugly. Wild Ugly. Probably quite a bit different from the last time I was in Vegas

{and I pretty much cannot wait}

This lady – a fellow Hood to Coast teammate – inspired my pedicure. A perfect tribute to two of my favorite men.


Now it’s time to shove some bikinis and mini’s into the bag and dive head first into a pool of Vegas trouble.

What happens in Vegas…

{MF Dre}


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