Milestone Monday.


It’s been a few weeks since I connected on the Milestones…

  • 1228 Miles/2012 Miles in 2012 – roughly 800 to go and about 23 weeks to get there.  With my revised training plan, I’ve been running a bit less that I had been a few months ago and working on running a bit harder.  I’m making some progress in pace, but I’ve been needing my recovery a bit more than in the past so I’ve been less likely to squeeze in a few extra miles here and there.  Presuming I stay healthy and limber, this goal is still in reach, but I’m taking it one run at a time.
  • I’ve also re-adjusted my race schedule a little and leaving some room for flexibility.  Since I am moving on from Disney, I am no longer going to be doing the Nautica Malibu Triathlon with the Disney Tri-Team.  I was signed up to run the running leg of the relay but an alternate has taken my slot.  Back when I posted all of these items for sale,my intention was to donate the sales to my fundraising commitment for Pediatric Children’s Cancer Research at Children’s Hospital LA.  Instead of putting it towards my own race fundraising goals, I’ve re-invested it in other Disney Tri-Team Members fundraising.  Still Doing More Good and making an impact.   PS – a few things are still for sale here and I’ll be adding more this week.
  • With the start of a new job one week away, Staying Inspired – not sure that is going to be a problem…new team, new brands, new commute, new office, pretty much new everything.  Good thing I love change.
  • Another Milestone – but not mine.  V-Love wrote an inspiring post today about the journey of a race vs. the competition of racing.   Check it out!

Have you assessed where you are with your goals?

{MF Dre}

PS. Today is the last day to enter this giveaway!  

PPS. Anyone run The Naked Foot 5k in Denver this weekend?  You can still sign up for the below races and get $5 off your registration from ME using the code: RUNNAKED12

  • Minneapolis, MN – July 26
  • Grand Rapids, MI – July 29
  • Nashville, TN – September 15
  • Seattle, WA – September 29
  • Austin, TX – October 6
  • Santa Barbara, CA – October 27

2 thoughts on “Milestone Monday.

  1. misszippy1

    Sounds like lots of change, but good change! I too have been running fewer miles but concentrating on some speed work. I feel like I’m making progress, but slow progress!


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