Bachelor-Bachelor Party: 24 Hours in Vegas.


What happened in Vegas will pretty much stay in Vegas.

and ps – you are crazy if you thought I’d break that rule

But sitting in the Vegas airport on Sunday afternoon, I could only wonder just how much debauchery had taken place among the crowds waiting to board the plane back to LA.  The smell of alcohol, smoky casinos and Saturday night’s party was — and to make matters worse — mustily masked by cheap perfumed airport air fresheners. So über gross.

But to get to spend 24 hours in Vegas with two of my favorite men…wouldn’t swap that for anything.

Hands down, it was’

It was pretty much the Bachelor-Bachelor version of The Hangover.  So Amazing.  Problem is, after all of the below shots were taken, my camera died…that’s my story and I’m sticking to it. Lucky.for.everyone.

23 Men.  2 Bridesmaids.

We lazed all of Saturday afternoon in a cabana at Tao Beach Club.

{Luckily we had a cabana that was sort of hidden behind the pool because we’re officially too old for this}.


Post-pool shopping adventures followed by Fruit Loop Martinis and Doritos Macaroni and Cheese at First Food and Bar


their slogan is perfect – Hard to Find. Easy to Love.

Who takes a cab when you can stuff 25 people into a Hummer limo to go less than a mile down the road? Vegas is hot enough as it is…I really don’t recommend doing this if your goal is to get somewhere without sweating your ass off.  But really, who makes smart decisions anyway in Vegas?


We had an awesome dinner at Tao followed by a private party back at our suites.



I’ve kept it brief, verrrrry intentionally.  It was chaos.  The best kind of chaos.

Less than 2 months until mayhem part II the wedding.


{MF Dre}


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