My Golden Girls.






Our wedding is in 3 months and I am so excited to be surrounded by so much love from all of our favorite people in one place. Thus far, the planning process has been a tremendous amount of fun – visiting, chatting, exploring, designing, creating, tasting…  While I may be speaking a bit too soon, I haven’t really felt an ounce of stress in the process. {please don’t let me be a bridezilla, please don’t let me be a bridezilla, please don’t…}.   

The Mr. and I have fairly specific taste and opinions about what we’re looking for in the evening so we haven’t been that fickle or indecisive in the process.  Certainly it’s probably fair to say that our planning and vision for the wedding is reflective of our life together – laid back, inviting, intimate, creative, adventurous and centered around love.

As we thought about the friends we wanted to stand beside us, there was little, if any, discussion.  We rattled off each others list without pause.  With a small sneak into a piece of our wedding, I sent each of these women a small package asking them to be a part of our day centered a theme of Gold.


bright, pure, brilliant, luster,

highly sought after, valuable, timeless

To me, each of these women is pure Gold.   These words – brilliant, valuable, highly sought after –  ring true of the women they are and the friendships we share.  I’ve picked a photo of one of many favorite moments I’ve had with each of them over the years.


{my sister, Kik, and I a few years back hitting the trails in Aspen during a “sisters weekend”}


{my barbie-in-law and I taking a break on the ice after our Blades of Glory performance this past January in Colorado}

Untitled{My friend, nicknamed Toppers – after an old bar we used to haunt, after finishing our second race together}


{my “sister-from-another-mother” and my first friend in LA 20+ years ago, as I surprised her on her 30th birthday}


{another life-long friend, Hutch. taken just a few weeks ago as we toasted  – over tequila of course – to almost 20 years of friendship}

{and of course V-love, my adventure-seeker extraordinaire and fellow bride as we trekked through Chiang Mai, Thailand on one of our many globe trotting expeditions}

I can’t wait to celebrate with each of you by my side.

{MF Dre}



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