Day 3; Flash Back.


Hump day.
Day 3.

Sooooooo it’s going well in that doe-eyed, fresh and blurry at the same time kind of way.


But maybe better to recap in a few days, after my head stops spinning.

So looking back here’s the best of the last few weeks.

Watching theMFDad kick some tail

4th of July Racing and a VERY necessary head check

Putting together my #FitFluential Fitness Bucket List and now getting to watch Kerri Walsh in the Olympics for even more beach volleyball inspiration

Meeting Lorna Jane and reading her completely and totally inspiring book.

A Single-hood Send-off at the Sleeping Bear Dunes in Northern Michigan

{another} Single-hood Send-Off – Bachelor-Bachelor style.


Toasting to BIG changes!


Announcing my Bridal Party


and our adventures in Jewelry Design!

July was just kinda.sorta.busy. and ridiculously fun.

{MF Dre}



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