Since we got engaged, I’ve received a lot of comments and questions as to what my ring looks like and why my left hand has  been strategically cut out of photos.  Funny that’s how it was perceived!  {and quite untrue} I actually just got my ring(s) about 2 weeks ago.

From the moment we started talking about wedding and rings, we knew we wanted to design something together — and that we would do so after we got engaged.  I’ve never really been the girl to imagine my wedding or my ring.  Over the years and countless conversations with girlfriends, I tried to pinpoint exactly what I ‘hoped’ for in a ring, but always came up a little shy – and wound up pairing something with a band I loved vs. starting with the engagement ring.  The reality is, though there are many rings I find to be absolutely exquisite, I don’t think I ever pictured myself with the proverbial “rock”.  With my active lifestyle and more relaxed, casual style, it was hard for me to imagine myself wearing anything other than a wedding band on most occasions.

So we went against the grain.

Brushed and Hammered Gold Eternity Band x 2.


One for now. Two stacked when we’re married.

I know I am completely and totally biased, but I think they’re the prettiest rings ever and I could not be happier with them!


About a week after we got engaged, we headed downtown to the jewelry district to visit Cedrick our jeweler and a friend of the Mr.’s. I gave him some insight into some of the things I loved and the things I really didn’t think I wanted – namely mounted, platinum or anything too ostentatious.  I wanted something that could roll with my life and that was classic yet slightly designed so that it would feel original to us. The Mr. also shared his preferences – something that had some life to it, not too polished or predictable.  Cedrick also asked a lot of questions about my life, my style, my inspirations, and what we consider beautiful – all as fuel for his artistic process.

Despite my preference for a band, we entertained the idea of something mounted with some of his custom molds


as well as the idea of alternate stones like Smoky Topaz and Ruby.


but in the end, went with something inspired by these two.

I’ll admit, the process of going blind into designing a ring is a bit of an adventure.  We didn’t have a picture to serve as an ‘exact’ roadmap.  We had no idea how to describe how brushed or how hammered to make the ring.  Cedrick suggested slightly different diamonds than we originally picked – I questioned if they’d be too much??  In the end, we realized that as an artist, Cedrick already had a vision and didn’t need us to over-manage or over articulate ourselves.

When Cedrick showed up to deliver the rings, I couldn’t help but wonder how the Mr. and I would react. Would we love them? Like them? or would we have a moment where we didn’t know how to react? 


Hardly. There was a moment where we were silent as we adjusted to the surprise, but as I put them on, we LOVED them.

{and the way the sunlight hit them as I took the first picture}

I’ve got one on now and I’m sooo tempted by the other, but we’re saving that one for when the Mr. also dons his soon-to-be designed ring.

3 more months!

{MF Dre}


10 thoughts on “Ringed.

  1. oh I love love love them. Beautiful. I have an eternity band on yellow gold also. I wish mine was a bit wider because since I lost so much weight it is the only thing I wear. The ring is too big. I wish I had a say in the ring like you did. Bill was more on the “traditional” side and he picked it himself. It is pretty..but too much for me. I wanted something “plain” and I think he thought I was being “good” by saying that but I was serious!! All his friends wife wanted “upgrades” on the “rock” at their 10 yr anniversary..I was the complete opposite. No rock please. 🙂

  2. Jennifer Ste. Marie

    Quiet elegance and simply “you” to a T. Lovely hands and fingers to flatter them even more. So happy for you! xo


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