The Art of a Letter.


First week is over and what I can say with certainty is that after as much sleep as I can possibly fit in a 48 hour window, I will be showing back up on Monday.  Despite being completely and totally wiped out and on information overload, it was awesome.   Hard and awesome.

I came home from work on Wednesday night to the nicest handwritten note from one of my former bosses.



Work hard, but more importantly, enjoy this exciting moment  You’ve worked so hard for it.

{Thank You}

This also reminded me of the art, the delicacy and just how much more meaningful a handwritten letter can be sometimes vs. an email or a phone call.

I’ve been craving this kind of new for a while now.  The opportunity to create, lead, uncover, solve, motivate, learn, push, and quite candidly, to be a little uncomfortable.  Not in that bad uncomfortable way — more like the I don’t have my sea legs yet, but still ready to take the journey way.

More to come.  For now.  Sleep.

{MF Dre}



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