I’m all for playing by the rules, but some rules are just meant to be bent.

A few months ago we took the Homies to the Dog Beach down in Long Beach and {we all} had a total blast, but haven’t found much time in our hectic schedules to make it back down there since then.

On Tuesday I got a cryptic text from the Mr.  “Want to go on late night summer adventure with me tonight?”

um, yes, I think

Truth is, I love/hate surprises.  I love when someone catches me off guard and surprises me with a gesture, a moment, a gift, an “I thought of you” etc., but I hate when someone is vocal about having a surprise for me and won’t tell me what it is.  Those hours, days and sometimes months of “I have a surprise for you” drive me nuts.

So of course he would not tell me what our adventure was, just wanted to know if I was in, or if I was out.


Turns out it wasn’t the craziest adventure we’ve ever had – and we’ve had a ton, but it was just slightly rebellious.


There are very few designated Dog beaches.  In most instances Dogs must be kept off the sand.  Pfffft.  Lame.

Right after the sun set and the beach was pretty much dark, save the gentle moonlight, we unleashed the homies and let them run, swim and pretty much go nuts in the sand.



Yes, I know.  Not the worst rule to bend ever – it feels like a totally lame rule anyway, but we laughed until our stomachs hurt.

I didn’t capture a ton of photos – watching them have a total field day digging holes to china, getting pounced by waves and running circles in the sand was pretty much hysterical and by the time I got the camera to focus, they were already off again doing something else.


I’ve been exceptionally swamped with the new job and while I’m loving it, this type of rebellious adventure was exactly what I needed Tuesday night to change my head and remember to focus on the fun.

What rule have you bent lately?

{MF Dre}


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