Friday Morning Surprises.


9 miles this morning.

Still committed trying my best to stick to this schedule  and for the most part I’ve run them all – in some instances I’ve even squeezed a few extra miles in there too.  Headed out around 5:45 am and finished in 1:19:17 – about 8:48 pace which felt about perfect this morning on some mild rolling hills.

Got into work this morning – nice little Friday morning surprise.



This was also after I returned home from my run to find a pink box from Stan’s Doughnuts sitting on our doorstep from our neighbor with two delicious donuts in it – another “just because” Friday surprise for the Mr. and I.

{I devoured the chocolate chip one on the lower left within 2 minutes. whoops – that’s what runger will do to you}

Realizing that I’m less than 2 months out from Chicago Marathon. Less than 3 months out from the Wedding and only 2 Weeks into the New Job.  I’ve also got a few weekend adventures planned, a wedding in NY, a bachelorette weekend and some other things coming up that you’ll be hearing about soon.  Certainly not short of a lot on my plate – not really even close. Getting through it all with my head still screwed on straight is the dream.  And if you know me, I’ve never really been one to shy away from taking things on…

… and then I saw this as I was doing some light inspirational reading this morning.

Guess I should add more to my list.

{MF Dre}



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