DT Alert: Beer Belly.


There is nothing sexier than a Beer Belly.  Seriously Nothing.

I try to talk the Mr. out of his sit-ups every morning…

riiiiight.  but you can buy this hat if you secretly do want to encourage the BB.

When I found out we had a date in Korea Town last Friday night with one of our favorite couples I was really excited to try out a part of town I’ve spent very little – if any time in over the 22+ years I’ve lived in Los Angeles.   In truth, I think my only experience in Korea Town was at the Korean Spa which is another story for another day.  {I’ve got a repeat date on that one coming up soon}.

aaaanyway I was pretty excited, figuring we’d be in for a night of Korean BBQ and Karaoke.  I do a mean Betty Davis Eyes on the karaoke machine, and by mean I’m implying that it is downright traumatic to your ears.

record scratch on the karaoke…we went to Korea Town and didn’t do anything remotely local…instead we went to Beer Belly recently voted one of LA’s essential craft beer bars.  Set back from the streets in the back of a parking lot, this intimate, hipster joint opened about a year ago and has quickly become a neighborhood staple.


Known most specifically for their famous Craft Beer selections, we started with a beer tasting staged light to heavy consisting of   Citra Pale Ale – a light slightly hoppy beer with a citra {think grapefruit/orange/lemon} overlay, Melrose IPA – a traditional IPA with notes of honey and citrus, Craftsman Triple White Sage – Medium Bodied with heavy herbal and sage aromas {and taste} and the Smog City Groundwork Coffee Porter which tasted like COFFEE with a hint of beer.


My favorite was definitely the Melrose IPA, though I kind of wished the Triple White Sage tasted as good as it smelled.  Unfortunately not close.  I should have known better…it sort of had that strong and probably too strong scent like wheatgrass does…and we all know how that tastes going down.

We also ordered some snacks all of which were Beer Belly worthy – save one semi-healthy option if you forego the triple white sage cheese whiz, which in this case tasted nothing like the beer.


Triple White Sage Cheese Whiz


Pork Belly, Sweet Onion Sugar, Tabasco Aioli



Buffalo Blue, BBQ Volcano Chipotle

And there might have been some  CRAZY DELICIOUS MAC AND CHEESE in there too.

It was all ridiculously good. even the broccoli.

I can’t say that the beer didn’t have something to do with it….maybe a little…especially after we read this sign


but when the four of us get together it is by far the funnest – yes, I know it’s poor English but most fun doesn’t seem to communicate the fun well enough – night ever, every single time.  Literally we laughed our bellies off with abs burning, cheeks pulled, face sore kind of laughter.

 Beer Belly, you’re growing on me. Next time, my eyes stomach is all about your Brunch.. Snickers Pancakes and Sausage McBelly holy BB. Maybe we should wait until after the wedding…and the honeymoon.


PS – speaking of new restaurants, we’re headed to Stella Rossa this week to meet with our wedding DJ! – anyone been? any musts? any do not play songs we should remember?


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