The Mr. took his 40ft Whisky Tango Mobile up north yesterday for the weekend to the race track.

I’m sure there will be lots of activity in the rolling man dorm this weekend so if fixing, racing, listening to loud cars and vying for championship titles doesn’t bore you to tears, you should totally get in on all the action here.  No seriously, it’s great!

You know what that means?  I’m freeeeeee!  So free and so fun that I put my geriatric self to bed at 9pm last night and it was amazing. However this also means I woke up at 5am eager to run the 10 miles I had slated on my training schedule today.  Crazy people problems.

I’ve got the pad to myself with my two favorite homies and a bunch of my own adventures planned for the weekend including a date with our wedding photographer, a kitchen experiment, mimosas at the beach, an Opening Party for the Breaking Bad Art Project {which if you get the chance and you’re close to LA you should absolutely check out} an 18 mile run-date with my favorite RP followed hopefully by a ridiculously great massage.

Bring it on Friday.  I’m ready for you {after a large cup of coffee}.

{MF Dre}



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