Willpower is a Muscle.


Willpower is a muscle.  The more you use it, the stronger it gets…

I’ve been battling with my long runs lately.  Big time.  I get all geared up mentally during the week — often fueled by some pretty frickin awesome speed and mid-length (8-10 mile) runs.  I finish them and am immediately overwhelmed by post-run bliss –  mentally thinking I am some sort of run goddess or queen or something…

7605796528_f71fccd9d7_o (1)

hardly, but I’ll take the post-run high.

 Then I get to Sunday and I just wonder how I’m going to make it.   Except for a mini injury scare last week where my right hip was acting all geriatric, I’ve finished them all, but not as mentally strong and confident as long runs past.

Chicago is 7 weeks out which means I have 4 weeks of strong hard, training to go before I taper.

So I’ve started talking to myself on the LR’s- the in my head talking to myself kind of talking to myself.

I Can. So I Will.

Believe in Yourself. Don’t Stop.

Dig Deep. Never Ever Give Up.

Mentally Tough, Physically Strong.

What I’ve learned is that willpower is a muscle and can be strengthened.  Strengthening it is a key predictor of success.  There is a great article in the Boston Globe here that details some of this – it’s a really good read if you have a moment or need a little kick in the rear.

Anyway, how about today’s LR?!?!?!

18 miles.  2:47.

hot hilly and humid, smiling with SUPER dead legs at the finish.



{MF Dre}


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