Milestone Monday.


18 Miles checked of the training plan yesterday and the longest run so far of this training cycle. I’ve got two more super long 20 milers planned aaaand then, I can promise I’ll be pretty excited to taper.  This long running in the hot, humid summer is really much more difficult than training for a winter or spring marathon.

I’ve run a total of 1393 total miles run this year (619 left to meet my goal). It’s safe to say that if you’re interested in going for a run, I’ll probably say yes.  Maybe not a let’s sprint and run really fast because it’s really awesome “Yes”, but a yes nonetheless.  So go ahead and ask me. Because running with other people has become waaay more fun. (xxoo RP)

This week’s another step-back week in the training plan. If you’re training for a marathon – I’ve posted it as a guide – feel free to use it, adopt it, modify it, etc.

  • Monday:  Yoga
  • Tuesday: 5 Miles Easy
  • Wednesday: 5 Miles — 1 mile w/u, 3 miles at 7:30 pace, 1 mile c/d
  • Thursday: Rest
  • Friday: 8 Miles
  • Saturday: 13 Miles (swapping Sat and Sun this week because RP is headed out-of-town Sunday)
  • Sunday: Rest

I had a mini-injury scare last week with my right hip, turns out my hip flexor was strung mega-tight .  Evidence that I’m not doing enough stretching.  So I dug in and have been making some progress. In the process of “digging in” I found some pretty legit pain trigger points on the outside-middle of both of my calves.  So I went out and spent a whoppin $10 on a set of lacrosse balls to roll on – a trick this girl swears by.  They are NO JOKE. and since she’s a HARD CORE athlete, I listened.

I did a little research on how to use them – according to Livestrong, Self Myofascial Release Technique is a form of treatment that uses gentle pressure {side note, I do not think lacrosse balls feel gentle, but anyway} on specific locations of your body for alleviating pain and restoring range of motion to painful joints. Read more here.  Myofascial points, also referred to as trigger points, are located on specific spots on your body on your muscles and the area surrounding this tissue.

Here’s a demo of some random dude doing what I’ve been doing all week.

 I was too busy to do a video, but let me tell you, its painful – that 

If that even makes sense at all.

That’s the fitness part of the milestones.

The creativity and inspired piece – that’s on frickin’ overdrive.  I need a shut down on that part just about now.  How many DIY projects can one do for wedding, bridesmaids, friends weddings, household, homies (yes, seriously) and just because.  Well, the answer this week, ZERO, except for design these.

A&P Invite - Blemish

But the planning, the thinking, the ordering and the part, yeah, that’s begun.

Anyone want to come over and craft?  I’ve got vases, candles, plants, paints, glitter, twine, music, and plenty of wine.

I’ll host you and toast you. Pinky Prom.

{MF Dre}


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