DT Alert: Pizza Date with a Pirate.


Similar to Milestone Monday posts, I’ve started a new themed post.

DT Alerts

For those of you who are new readers or just want a refresher.  The Mr. and I have created our own lingo for anything that is mind-blowing and ridiculously grub worthy…DT aka Delicious Town.  Often we have contests to see who can pick the best restaurant or make the best meal, dessert etc and It begins with something along the lines of  “Take me to Delicious Town”.


The other night, I met the Mr. after work for a date at Stella Rossa Pizza Bar.   I walked into the restaurant to find out that the Mr. had really pulled it together for the evening… I had a date with a Pirate.


{luckily in LA, the grungy I didn’t shower and haven’t shaved in over a week look is pesudo-acceptable}

People have been raving about Stella Rossa calling it the best thing that’s come to Santa Monica.  I’m always skeptical when there’s so much “best” buzz.  So we put it to the test.


12 - 5
12 - 4

Originally we were just going to order the Salumi and Sweet Corn Pizza, but when the couple next to us were served the Mushroom and Truffle, the overwhelming scent of truffle couldn’t be resisted so we doubled up on pizzas.

The true review:  The Salad was great, light, slightly fruity and perfectly drizzled with a balsamic glaze. Pizzas were good. Not excellent.

We had hoped that the Salumi and Sweet Corn would deliver the perfect Savory & Sweet combination.  Instead it was heavier on the sweet than the savory.  While the arugula tempered the sweet, we both were left wishing there had been a bit more Salumi on the pizza.

The Mushroom and Truffle was an aromatic delight but left nothing else a chance to shine.  For as many mushrooms and herbs that were on this pizza, we wished that the truffle had been paired back so that we could enjoy more than what tasted like truffle crust.

And speaking of crust.  Good, not excellent.  Worth leaving on the side of the plate.

12 - 3

While this seems like a pan of Stella Rossa, it’s not.  The food was good, not excellent – We liked the atmosphere, the bar, the service was great, the crowd and music was fun and upbeat and showing up looking like a pirate is totally acceptable.  That said,  since we have also been to this place for pizza in Santa Monica – {repeatedly I might add}, I have no qualms saying that Stella Rossa is NOT the best pizza in Santa Monica. Go HERE first.

Walking out, I stopped next door at M Street Bakery {same owner as Stella Rossa} for few sweet treats to bring home.

12 - 2
12 - 1A hit and a total miss.  Can you guess which one?

{MF Dre}


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