Run Happy.


Remember when I said a whole bunch of great things came in the mail?? This box made my brain happy.

And the next box made my feet happy.


I’ve tried out many, many running shoes. But I haven’t ever tried on a shoe like these.    I used to be a Nike girl and I’m pretty sure I had at least 6 pairs in a row of this shoe.   Then I started to realize that they didn’t really seem to hold as well when my mileage increased and my feet were sore and tired.   So I went on the hunt for something different and in the last year and change, I’ve rotated through 2 pairs of these Asics  which I’ve liked a lot, but find to be a bit heavy some days, 2 pairs of these New Balance – great lightweight shoe though sadly I’ve never been able to track it down in rainbow, and 2 pairs of the Kinvara 2s which I love.  But for some time now, I’ve been dying to try the Brooks PureProject collection.


I received a VIP discount to and couldn’t resist finally taking the plunge and trying these shoes.

According to the Brook website, The Brooks PureProject™ collection introduces a unique way to experience your run by promoting a natural stride in an incredibly lightweight shoe. Knowing that simply removing parts of the shoe would result in poor performance, we took a proactive approach to biomechanical needs by developing five innovative technologies that engage the foot naturally, and with significantly fewer parts than a standard shoe. Breathable fabrics, radically flexible materials, and an extremely low profile complete the package to bring you a run for the senses. It’s what we call the “Feel More with Less” experience.


I picked out the Brooks PureFlow which features dynamic cushioning, a wide Nav Band along the outside that holds my mid-foot in place and really great arch support without the bulkiness of heavy insoles or orthotics.   The sole has a center strike pod and only a 4mm heel to toe offset which easily places my foot into the natural mid-foot strike landing zone so that I can run naked, and on top of it all the shoe is incredibly comfortable – like size 9 purple clouds on my feet kind of comfortable – seriously.

Typically I believe in a ‘breaking in’ period when I get a new shoe.  I’ll run a few miles in the pair at a time while rotating in the tried and trues already in my closet.  These shoes required zero adjustment.  In a matter of 2 weeks I went from 3 miles to 18 miles seamlessly in them – no bigs.  Aaaaand the added bonus on them is that I think they may be the secret sauce in me wanting to run hills.   I honestly CHOSE to run hills 3x this week.  whaaaaat?  No joke.

Anyway Brooks was on to something with their #RunHappy slogan.  I’m digging these shoes, big time, and ready to take them out for another 20 or so miles this weekend.  Is that reason enough to justify having them in all of the colors?

{MF Dre}


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