Milestone Monday.


20 Mile Training Run Done Yesterday.

8 neighborhoods, 4 state beaches, 15 miles along the bay.

Capped by a sweaty and sandy game of volleyball with the Mr. who was at the finish getting his own workout in.

For a marathoner, the 20 mile mark is the pinnacle of most training plans and depending on your experience, most runners only do one of these leading up to the big race.  For my first marathon, I did two 20 milers, for my second,  I did a 20 and a 22 miler.

This time around, our plan has two 20 milers again.  Yesterdays was calm, relaxed and relatively easy until about mile 15 where my quads started to scream at me and mentally I started to fall apart a little.  We were on a point to point course so there was no turning back on our run (a lesson I’ve learned that helps me go the total distance), but I thought about walking it in to the finish. RP got in focus mode and coached me through the final five with some breathing techniques to keep me shuffling along and we made it…refocusing into that calm zone at mile 15 was most certainly a mental milestone for me as in races prior, I’ve started to mentally lose my sh*t as the miles track on.

I’ve learned that each training cycle brings new challenges and that no two are alike.

This time around, I’ve been tired. Dog Tired.  Particularly in the heavy-lifting, mileage-building phase of this training.  For the last 5 weeks I’ve been burning the candle at both ends of the stick and I’ve had to do a lot of thinking about where my priorities are.

And for me, they are with my Family (the Mr. the homies, loved ones and all the friends we call Family) and with Work right now.
I could argue that the Wedding is a priority, but for me that’s really a creative outlet that I’m enjoying.  It’s a lot to manage, but we’ve tried to make swift, easy decisions that don’t leave us laboring over the “bigger, better deal” or what is expected vs. what we want to do.

that leaves running somewhere near the bottom and I am totally ok with that.

 I’m using running as my calm, my place to lose my mind and mentally recharge instead of a crazy intense, pace hitting, goal setting, hill/tempo/speed/recovery goal.   A few weeks ago I realized that I was overtaxed and stress and that having running goals was unnecessarily contributing to my stress level. I need running to be my recovery vs. a stress right now.  So I’ve given my goals a back seat.  And I’m running to run.

{thanks friend for sending me this last night!}

Not really sure what is going to happen when I get to Chicago.  I know that I am really excited to run the marathon, but I have no expectation of myself other than to finish. I will give race day the chance to surprise me.  If I run and race, amazing.  And if I just run, soak it all in and enjoy the course, amazing too.

How have you adjusted your goals lately?

{MF Dre}


3 thoughts on “Milestone Monday.

  1. I love your re-centered goals right now – particularly given the marathon and trying to keep some semblance of balance/sanity in your life right now. I am WITH you on just running this thing in a few weeks. SO excited to see you there btw!! It’s SO SOON! (PS nice job on the 20 miler! we’re doing our second 20 miler on Saturday, eeks!)


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