The Tasting.


 It’s funny.  I’ve always been one to say that wedding food is really irrelevant – as long as the bar is stocked and the music great, food means nothing.

{I lied}

Holy DT.

check out that photo in the middle!!!!!!!!!! whaaaaaat?????

I don’t even quite know where to start or what to say, but the team at Tres LA knows a thing or two about food and we could not be more excited to partner with them in the creation of our menu.

Our taste in food and the way we cook is largely centered around what’s fresh, in season, whole and natural, thus the farm to table ethos of Tres LA fits our palette by using local, fresh ingredients and herbs harvested from their own garden.  We snuck out of the office earlier this week and met for a lunchtime tasting.  Both of us arrived harried and hungry, hoping that our decision would be swift and successful and that we could get back to the rest of our hectic days as quickly as possible.

to us, this was a kind of wedding chore


  Tres LA paid as much attention to service, comfort, environment and presentation as they did the food and our ‘wedding chore’ turned into a pretty amazing middle-of-the-day fancy lunch date with the Mr.

While I won’t spoil it, the pictures above are a small sampling of our menu and we’ve definitely got a few surprises mixed in.

7 Weeks to Go!

{MF Dre}


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