Milestone Monday.


This is the last huge effort running week of my Chicago Marathon training plan.

I don’t think I’ve ever been so freakin’ excited to taper.

Last week was a complete and total bust.  After Sunday’s 20-miler, I awoke Monday in the biggest fog of a head cold ever. Eyes barely opened the entire day and Tuesday through Friday were only slightly lesser shades of haze.   Tried to take a ‘jog’ on Wednesday because I wanted to move.  Turns out the only move I was making was on the curb. I tripped over it and landed smack on my face.  I did an immediate {and totally embarrassed} about-face, walked home, grabbed the dogs and took a measly walk around the block.

  Had I been doing anything to monitor the true depth of my exhaustion levels I could have seen that one coming from about a million miles away.  But when do I do that?  Yeah, never. Push, Push, Push. then.flop.

So last week’s suck fest looked a little like this:

Sunday: 20 Miles

Monday: Walk from Bed to Couch to Bed to Couch to Bed to Couch

Tuesday:  rest

Wednesday:  1 Mile, Spill, Fall, About Face.  3 Block Dog Walk

Thursday:  rest

Friday:  rest

Saturday:  Forced myself back into a workout with 2.5 Mile jog and a 75 Minute Yoga Class at YogaHop

Sunday:  11 Miles (supposed to be 12 but I was dying at 9).

Monday to Friday sucked, Saturday redeemed me a little and Sunday was only good until Mile 9.  After a not-so-stellar week, I’m ready to make a commitment to 8-9 hours a night (sorry Mr. but 9p is my bedtime this week) put the last hard effort into some heavy mileage and then enjoy a few weeks of taper.  Here’s my plan.

Mon:  REST or YOGA,  Tues:  5 EASY,   Wed:  8 TEMPO,  Thurs: 5 EASY,  Fri:  7 at MGP,  Sat: YOGA,  Sun: 20 MILES

{MF Dre}

2 thoughts on “Milestone Monday.

  1. I am FEELING the marathon training exhaustion too! I will be SO HAPPY to taper after this week as well! One more UBER UBER long run this week (hello 22, ack) and then it’s tappppperrrrrr. Wooo!! We’re almost there!!


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