DT Alert: Fashionable Food.


Breakfast has long been a staple and more or less the critical “quick fuel” to start my day.  Lately though, I’ve tried to take a bit more of a leisurely approach to breakfast, easing into the morning over brunch at one of the many outstanding LA restaurants.

I was catching up on some old emails the other day and came across this infographic about the importance of breakfast.
While I don’t need a lot of convincing, it was interesting to read that 1 in 2 people spend more time thinking about their outfit than breakfast.

Fashion vs. Food.

Over a recent brunch with friends at one of our favorite spots, the food may have very well been the fashion.

We’ve been to Gjelina more than a handful of times, and it ranks as one of our tops spots for dinner, with it’s Venice cool vibe, indoor/outdoor seating, laid back creative crowd and ecclectic farm-to-table menu. We’d been wanting to try their brunch for some time . Good News/Bad News – this place is beyond popular.  If you get there early for brunch – early meaning pre-10am, you can typically sneak in without a reservation, but come 10:30, you may wait for a good hour+ without a reservation.



Gjelena’s menu rotates based on what’s fresh, local and available so you’re not guaranteed the same menu twice.



With the freshest ingredients and a no-substitution rule, Gjelina banishes the fleeting dietary trends {no this, no that, this on the side} and celebrates the true fashion of food – clashing palettes, tastes and textures while bringing together bold and edgy combinations that make for one hell of a food fashion statement.

Gjelina Menu

 Neiman Ranch BLT with a Sunny Egg, Moroccan Baked Eggs and the Grilled Peaches with Proscuitto and Burrata. 


If a fashionista OWNS their look with passion, Gjelina OWNS their food with passion.

Gjelina hands-down kills it each.and.every.time

{MF Dre}



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