Milestone Monday: The Boss of 20.


20 Miles.  The last long run of this cycle. Likely the last 20 mile distance I will run this year.

after some highs, some lows and some meh’s in this training cycle, it was time to show this run who was boss.

With temps reaching fireball status, RP and I got up waaaaaaaaay too early for a Sunday and were pounding the pavement pre-6am.

Brentwood, Santa Monica, Pacific Palisades, Venice, Marina del Rey, Playa del Rey, El Segundo and picking it up for the last few miles into Manhattan Beach, we cruised through 20 miles with relative ease.

20 miles. 2:52.

Running Redemption.

The only battle wounds we felt from this run were the rose-bush that attacked me from the left it and the 2 inch spider and it’s web that RP cruised right through pre-dawn. nasty.  Otherwise, our minds were calm, our bodies relaxed.

If this is any indication of my training, I’m ready for Chicago.  I’ve doubted myself along the way and given myself the latitude to be flexible with myself as I’ve adjusted to a new job, major life changes and a whole lot else going on.  Clearly though, when I focus, I am capable and I am stronger than I think.

3 weeks until Chicago.  It’s taper time.  Time to rest, recover, run easy, stretch, fuel, hydrate, sleep and mentally focus and show Chicago who’s Boss.

Will you be there?

{MF Dre}


6 thoughts on “Milestone Monday: The Boss of 20.

  1. you goo girl!! somehow I forgot that you’re going to be in Chicago too! We’ll have to find each other in the windy city & say “hello!!” you did great w/this training cycle my friend! you’re ready to show Chicago who’s da boss!!! have a great week! HUGS


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