Flowers and Cents.


As we continue on in the planning of our wedding, I’ve been both surprised and overwhelmed by the cost of flowers.  That darn “W” word has proven to be an outright budget killer. Flowers are beautiful and an important accessory of the day, yet their role in the celebration is entirely fleeting.



The other morning, at the suggestion of one of my beautiful bridesmaids, we ventured downtown to the Original Los Angeles Flower Market.
For years I’ve been told that this market is the ultimate gem in the city for flowers –  featuring the best of the best, the freshest of the fresh and the largest and broadest selection.

For just $1 admission, we were taken into a jungle of floras.  I was both surprised and delighted by the variety, the accessibility and the ease with which both bouquets and floral decoration could be made possible for a fraction of the “W” cost.  The idea of creating my own bouquets and centerpieces is actually exactly the type or creative challenge I’d love to take on, the only challenge is that they’re not easily prepared in advance.

I’ve tried to set aside the last few days before the wedding to be project free.  To relax, spend time with family and friends and to hopefully get a massage.   Am I crazy to take this on?  Even crazier to think that the last few days will be hassle free?

{MF Dre}


2 thoughts on “Flowers and Cents.

  1. Jen

    I too looked into this same thing, went down to the flower mart to check out options, prices of flowers, and try to at least do the rehearsal dinner flowers DIY. I found a florist who gave me a great deal for all my flowers. I think this is a big undertaking you don’t want to have to deal with and yes enjoy those days with fam. If you need a referral for this florist let me know and happy to introduce.

  2. What if you delegated this job to a close friend who you trust to do this project for you right before the wedding? Depending on how much control you are able to let go of – it may be much easier knowing that he or she knows exactly what you want and they’ll do the all the hands on work. A friend of mine did her own flowers for her wedding. For the reception, she made one centerpiece just how she wanted it and then was happy to let us copy her for all the other tables. It could work.


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