DT Alert: The Unmarked Velvet Rope.


I’ve always been one for a dining adventure and last night was no exception.  To most New Yorkers, it’s a poorly kept secret that there is a restaurant buried below The Corner or La Esquina taqueria. The secret however, is finding it. And Getting in.

  Accessible via an unmarked door in back of a casual taqueria where SoHo and Nolita connect, the restaurant bears no phone number – its entrance is completely disguised to the unknowing diner.  Yet reservations are mandatory.

So how do you get past a velvet rope that you cannot even see?

  That secret is still one I’m still dying to find out.
Lucky for me, I have friends in the know.  They’re sworn to secrecy, but more than willing to make the call for the Mr. and I to have special birthday dinner together before the weekend wedding festivities take over.

Behind the unmarked door, we traveled down a narrow flight of stairs, squeezed through cheaply-lit and tin can lined kitchen, through the laundry room and around twisted corners before we entered the Mexican dungeon filled with distressed stone walls, candelabras, and private dining cells.

Pure Mexican Romance clashing with Vibrant Crowds, Lively Music and Unstoppable Energy.

La Esquina was perfection.

In the spirit of adventure, we let the waitress order for us, looking to be surprise and delighted.  She didn’t fail bringing out Ceviche and Plaintain Chips, Shrimp and Carnitas Tacos, Carne Asada, Platanos Fritos and their famous Grilled Corn along with a round of tequila for each course. {Reminder, it’s not a birthday without TnT}

It was pure insanity. One of the best dinners we’ve had in a long time.

While there is a piece of me that wishes we had La Esquina in LA, there’s something incredibly sexy and fun about being a part of something hidden, insider and underground in a city outside your home turf.  It’s one of the reasons we travel.  To uncover the hidden gems, the secret caves and the unique tokens that make up this crazy world.  It keeps us curious, and most certainly inspired to always say yes to any adventure.

Figure out how to get behind the velvet rope.

{MF Dre}


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