NYC Wedding LOVE.


For as much as I’ve always LOVED NYC, this weekend I loved the city for an entirely different reason.  I loved it for the moments, the people and the emotions of our experience rather than the lights, the glitz and the boundless energy.

Celebrating one of my best friends wedding just 5 weeks before our own reminded me just how special the people you surround yourself are. While I’ve known this couple for years, it was the first time the Mr. had met most, if not all of them.  How seamlessly we wove into the fibers of this tremendous group of people is a true testament to this genuine “family” the couple has built around them.

We laughed, we cried, we laughed until we cried, we cheered, we celebrated and we loved.

Here are a few of my favorite emotional moments from the weekend.

taking a beat, listening to the toasts and roasts of the couple

Realizing that the next time we play dress up, I’ll be in White, he’ll be in a Tux.

The Bridesmaid who didn’t want to leave the feet of her Dads

Witnessing the Ceremony, Smiling till our Cheeks Hurt (and Crying my Eyeballs out)

the Best Friend & the Mr. discovering a true Bromance

the hysterical laughter upon the reveal of an airbrushed Wedding Cake

Words and pictures can’t really sum up just how special this weekend was.  For us, for them and for everyone who was a part of it, the trip was nothing short of spectacular for the Mr. and me.

We hope we can recreate some of this magic in a few short weeks as we bring together our “family”.


{MF Dre}


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