Milestone Monday-Wednesday and Breaking Bad.


Is it fair to call it a Milestone Monday just for making it through the day?

(and posting a day or two later than anticipated??)

After an incredible wedding Saturday night, we jumped on a plane early Sunday to get back in time to attend the 64th Primetime Emmy Awards Sunday night. With two hours between landing, luggage, travel home and being Red Carpet ready, I faced the dilemma of how to dress for a ‘business’ red carpet event.  It felt odd to get all “prommed” out with co-workers so I opted for conservative, comfortable, classic and easy in an Herve Leger knee-length cocktail dress I bought a few years ago on sale. Similar dress here.


Call it sleep deprivation, call it work mode, call it “I’m from LA so I need to pretend I’m not star struck” , but I failed at picture snapping for most of the night. Loved so many of the dresses and the COLORS!

I went in rooting for Breaking Bad naturally (happen to love the show as a fan, but also part of what I’m paid to love!)

Thrilled for this guys win, but can’t help but admit that I left completely bummed at the end of the night.

Breaking Bad not winning the Emmy for Best Drama felt a bit like train robbery.

So here comes Monday.Tuesday.Wednesday.

A very long Sunday. A Weekend filled with sleep-deprived nights. 6.5 I don’t know how I knocked ’em out Monday Miles. 487 emails. 30 meeting-free minutes. Work Drinks. Details.

I made it through Monday and it felt like a Milestone.

Tuesday early am 4 miles, 623 emails, 1 non-meeting hour of the day. Wedding Shoes. Wedding Insurance. Candles. Vases. Caterer Details. Business Lunch. Holy Hell my life is going a mile a minute.

And of course I didn’t sleep a wink last night.  Bed to Couch to Bed to Couch to Refrigerator to Bed to Couch to Bed.


Praying for a Milestone Wednesday.

{MF Dre}



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