the MF Bachelorette.


This past weekend my closest girlfriends threw me a surprise bachelorette.  Not the “Surprise we’ve kidnapped you and haha, you didn’t see this coming”, but get your bags packed, we’re taking you away this weekend and don’t ask any questions.

Surprises typically overwhelm the agro-type-A-planner in me, but something about relinquishing control to my favorite ladies put me completely at ease.  maybe I am learning something about control 

They rented this house in Temecula, CA and it was amazing.  Super big, pool, jacuzzi, fire pit, outdoor bbq, wine, spa, my best friends, laughter {and more wine}.


We spent the evenings by the fire pit, roasting Smeeps


and the days filled with poolside shenanegans.


{me and my barbie-in-law – remember the Mr. and I both caught the Bouquet and Garter at their wedding!}


{one of my favorite high school friends}

{taking the plunge with another bride-to-be}

(barbie-in-law, me, sister/bride-to-be-too}

{the crew}

and plenty of spa treatments {including some of this DIY}


and we capped the weekend off with a hysterical (and completely embarrasing) lingerie shower/how well do you know your groom.  I give my sister MAJOR points for asking the Mr. some of the questions she did…. {just wait, sister.  just wait.  I count 86 days until you tie the knot too}


I am so fortunate to have such an incredible group of sisters and friends.  As V so eloquently put it in her post,it was so amazing to see this group of friends come together to celebrate with me.   Many of them had never met prior to this weekend and seeing how easily they connected, laughed and shared with one another was an amazing testament to the women they are and the friends they are.

We can’t wait to celebrate with all of you again – the countdown is really on.

2 weeks.


{MF Dre}



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