Two Half’s. One Weekend.


Whoops. This might have just happened. 

I swore that the wedding was going to be the #lastbigthing for the year.  But now that I’m just two weeks shy of being a Mrs., I guess I am just not quite ready to throw in the towel and turn off my crazy relax for the rest of the year.  According to this schedule, the weekend after our wedding I’m slated to run not one, but TWO half marathons.

In all honesty, I am not 100% I am running Santa Barbara.  After last year’s race, they offered such a steep discount to pre-register for 2012, that I hopped on that train.  I LOVED that race (except for Mile 11) and it was particularly special to me because it marked a huge physical and athletic comeback for me.  Then we started planning our wedding and when I realized the SB race was a week after we would be tying the knot I put a HUGE tbd on that race and decided to run if I felt like it.  {side note: if you’re curious we’ve opted to postpone our honeymoon for a few months post-wedding}

Whelp, when I received a free bib via for the Malibu International Marathon this week, I couldn’t resist saying Yes.  Total Sucker for a Race. (and racing two in a weekend).  I opted for the half, figuring that it was probably the safer decision – both mentally and physically.

From what I’ve heard, this is supposed to be one of the top 5 most beautiful courses — here’s the description of the Half from their site.

Here’s where the beauty really begins! You will be running on the beautiful cliffs lining the undeveloped coastline. Take in the beauty of the land and sea until mile 6 where you come to civilization and the restaurant Neptunes Net, across from the famous surf of County Line. Here you will come to the first of the small rollers which will challenge you to the end.

The final six miles roll along the coast past the north Malibu mansions, with owners like Brad Pitt and many other Hollywood stars. The final mile brings you across the bluffs where you pass the Malibu sign and drop downhill past the Trancas market, and Starbucks. A few hundred more yards to the entrance at Zuma beach and, congratulations, you’ve just finished the race to Malibu! Get some food and refreshments and cool your legs in the surf at the beautiful beach in the sun. Look around, you’ve just run to Paradise!

From the looks of this video, this race seems to be the quintessential So-Cal race, running along the Malibu coast, watching Surfers, Sup-pers, Dolphins and more along the course.

I’m still not totally sure I’m going to run both.  SB seems more of a stretch at this point than Malibu given that it’s a 2 hour drive from our home Saturday morning…but I haven’t ruled any of my crazy out yet.

Anyone else running either of these races? Anyone want to join me for a double-header?

{MF Dre}


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