DT Alert: Plan Check.


I’ve always been a fan of the restaurants lining Sawtelle Bvd. in “Little Osaka” –  West LA’s Japanese thoroughfare.  They’ve got everything – shabu shabu, sushi, curry, charcoal-grilled meat, ramen, and imported groceries.  With so many restaurants side-by-side along this street its pretty difficult to pick where to stumble into.  In the last few months, I noticed a new decidedly un-Japanese spot pop up on the North end of the street, Plan Check and decided to try it this week with a fun friend I met through my obsession with lulu.



Intrigued by the menu filled with craft beers, waygu beef burgers and sweet potato waffle fries, add this to the list of gastropubs lining the city.


We started with the Stuffed Mushroom – a Portobello stuffed with swiss cheese, crispy kale and steak sauce.  Serious heaven.

Then followed it up with the Albacore Tuna with Tempura Rockshrimp and the PCB (Plan Check Burger)


If you’re a fan of Umami Burger, the burgers at Plan Check are easily recognized by the creative toppings and intensely delicious beef flavor because the menu has been created by former chef, Ernesto Uchimura.  We absolutely killed the burger.  It was amazing.  The tuna was OK.  I would definitely not order it again not because it was bad, but it hardly lived up to the DT factor that the mushroom and burger brought.

aaaaand then there was dessert

Cruller Donuts with Fresh Whipped Cream and Bananas.


baked fresh.to.order.   these are musts.

I was thinking about how I’d rate Plan Check on the DT Scale.  Where I netted was that I would certainly go back – I’d bring the Mr. we’d have a burger, some beers, maybe some waffle cut sweet potato fries, and of course some Donuts — we’d completely fat out for the night – but once I’d taken the Mr.,  I wouldn’t go back again.  For me the menu is entirely too small and not that diverse.  It’s absolutely great for a cocktail and a bite, but there isn’t enough diversity to the menu for my tastes and if I’m really craving a burger and a beer, I’d rather stumble into Father’s Office where arguably they have the best burger in town.

The verdict on Plan Check:  Blow your diet on this {but only once}.

{MF Dre}



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