DIY Elbow Patches


I’ve had an obsession with elbow patches for the last few years and I’ve totally contemplated sending out some of my favorite sweaters to Jack Foxley to sew on patches, but then I got one of my wild hairs and decided that I should first try to do them myself. I did a little bit of research, spent a long time at one of my favorite (and inexpensive) craft stores and was so thrilled by the final product that I used these as gifts for my sweet friends that showered me with love a few weeks back.

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • Shirt, Jacket or Sweater of your choice.  I used two of my favorite Saint Grace shirts.
  • Wool Roving
  • 36 Gauge Felting Needle
  • Floral Foam Cut to Size
  • 3″ Heart Shaped Cookie Cutter (or any shape you’d like)
  • Iron


First, try on the shirt and place a piece of scotch tape about 1 -2 inches below the elbow.  Use the tape as the base for where you’ll line up the floral foam inside the sleeve.  After you’ve inserted the foam, line up the cookie cutter with the tape.


If there are seams in your shirt, make sure you center the cookie cutter across the seam to ensure the patch sits evenly on both sides.


Unravel some of your wool roving and piece it inside the cookie cutter. I started out with light coverage and kept adding more to get the desired patch weight I preferred.


Using a 36 gauge roving needle, start to press the wool roving down.  I found it was easier to start from the outside and work my way in, but you can do this however it works best for you.  Continue until the wool is well pressed into the floral foam.  Feel free to add more roving to fill spots that can use more coverage.




Remove the Floral Foam and using an Iron on Wool Setting, press the patch into the shirt to help flatten stray wool as well as set the patch into the shirt.


I wrapped these up in Gable Boxes with a note attached reminding my friends to hand wash and line dry with care


These DIY Elbow Patches were seriously so easy and so much fun to make. They make the perfect birthday, holiday or any occasion gift for the friends (and kids) you love.

Happy Patching.

{MF Dre}


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