Checking Back In.


The last three months have been a complete and total whirlwind.

New Job, Wedding, Marathon, Travel, a jam-packed Schedule and that’s not even the end of it.  {more on that coming}

They say that the 5 biggest causes of stress are WORK, LIFE CHANGES, RELATIONSHIPS, ENVIRONMENT, and SELF GENERATED STRESSES

I guess you could say that I’ve dealt with most of these, except probably environmental stress.

What’s paramount to me is that through all of this, my relationship with the Mr. has remained rock solid.  In fact, when things got absolutely crazy around us, I think we found a sense of calm in working together, talking through things, putting our heads down and getting things done.  I suppose this is a pretty good confirmation of my choice to marry him as all I hear is that  things only get more complicated with marriage…. bring it.

That aside, I have felt really out of touch with the world around me.  There have been countless stories in the news that I’ve barely connected on – stories of devastation like Sandy and a Nanny gone Mad.  I’ve missed watching every single political debate and far less important, but certainly telling, I can’t tell you who the new hit artists are, what the holiday trends are or when the last time I sat at watched any nonsensical marathon on Bravo. For good reasons I’ve been wholly focused on my world, not the world around me. But I’m ready to step back out. It’s time to check back into life and the world around me.  To get re-acquainted with my thoughts, my writing and the people, the stories and the events around me.

I’ve been patient with myself throughout the last 3 months as I’ve tried to navigate my job and plan my once-in-a-lifetime event on top of training and finishing my third marathon.  For someone who is usually planned, goal oriented and a complete and total type A, I’m choosing a simpler path  (note: my version of simplicity probably varies 180* from other people’s version) for the next few months.  No major planning beyond what is already planned.  Simply living.  Simply thinking. Simply connecting.

 I’m going to let life take me on its course for a few weeks vs. charting and spreadsheeting and calendaring out my course.    I plan to enjoy the moment and listen to my thoughts.

I’m checking back in.

{MF Dre}



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