Milestone Monday.


Having some major back end issues on this site over the last few days. GRR.
Kind of presents a problem when you have a lot to say.  I plans.  and thoughts. and changes ahead for this little MF Blog. Big Ones.

But FIRST I’ve got another MILESTONE!

{as if this year hasn’t had enough of them}


If you wondered why perhaps you didn’t see any big fancy overly type-A MF honeymoon plans detailed here with some form of a DIY inspired travel bag, crazy unheard of adventures and a host of DT restaurants planned into some off-the-wall trip, eek  we will call that a #fail.

We never planned one. It was in our plans all along to postpone the honeymoon and take a trip over the holidays, but as luck turns out, we went into escrow the week of our wedding on a place we can’t wait to call home.

Looks like our honeymoon might now involve sitting on the floor of our new home with pizza boxes and a few bottles of cheap wine.  The term house poor is a reality, but I can’t wait to style DIY the heck out of our new home and {few} empty rooms in a few short weeks when we move in!

Anyone up for a painting party?

{MF Dre}


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