Wedding Week: #Instagrammed


We thought about having a photo booth at our wedding, but at the end of the day, we felt like perhaps they had become a bit too cliché for our taste. Our venue, the SmogShoppe, happened to have a small pink closet which screamed “use me” in some interesting way.   We considered turning it into a Signature Drink bar where guests could grab one of our infused cocktails, but ultimately decided it made a perfect kissing take-your-own-photo booth.

This decision inspired a DIY Project of sorts and the hashtag #petendre.  No Fancy Cameras, No Props, No Special Lighting.  Just a festive sign on the wall, a DIY backdrop, a pink closet, cell phones and a ton of moments, memories and details captured by our guests both inside and outside the booth!

here are just a few of our favorites check out the rest here

and if you were there, keep them coming!  Upload to Instagram with #petendre

{MF Dre}



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