Moments of Gratitude


I stumbled on this passage last night from an article in Writers Digest about being grateful for little moments of magic.

As the approach of Thanksgiving prompts us all to give thanks for what matters most in life—our families, friends, good health, good fortune—we should remember the gifts of the writing life, too.

And when we reflect on the joy and torment that a creative drive and a way with words can bring, we should be grateful not just for these perfect little moments where everything comes together, rare and fleeting as they may seem, but for all the blurry snapshots in between. Because they’re just as important, if not more so. They make us sit up, take notice and smile our most genuine smiles when we look over everything we’ve done and recognize, there in the midst of all our outtakes, a perfect little gem. And they remind us that we’ll never capture those moments of magic if we don’t keep trying.

This blog chronicles all of this for me as I capture The Adventures. The seconds. The Blurry. The Clear. The Good Fortune. The Outtakes. The Gems. and The Magic.

I’m grateful for it all.


Happy Thanksgiving.

{MF Dre}



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