A Different Kind of Black Friday.


I’m not totally sure who I am today.

I’ve been a Black Friday shopper for as long as I can remember – with my sister, with my mom, with friends, solo, truly with anyone who will say yes.  Black Friday has always begun my official mission to dive through racks, haul far more than I can carry, stand in ungodly lines and hover behind someone until they put down the thing I have my eye on to uncover the best, most creative, funkiest, most perfect gifts for everyone I know myself.  And over the years I’ve apparently gotten really good at the one for me. one for you buying method. But today, I wanted zero to do with shopping and the malls. Beyond zero.

So much so that I woke up late.

{and by waking up late I mean I woke up at 7:58am and snuggled another hour with the Mr. and the Homies.  Quite the opposite of getting dressed in the dark so as not to wake the Mr. as I prepare to door bust}

So much so that I took a leisurely – i.e. not turbo speed – walk to the Bagel Shop for a Sesame Bagel with Cream Cheese – a carb-tastic breakfast that almost always — leads to another few hours on the couch.

{my typical power shopper breakfast of eggs and banana with peanut butter wasn’t even a consideration}

So much so that I let the Mr. take my car on some of his errands {he’s doing some work on his}, pretty much guaranteeing that unless it was in walking distance I was not coming close to a mall.

{thought don’t despair.  I’ll admit I was taunted by my inbox and finally cashed in a JCrew gift card I got for my birthday.  With 40% off + another 15% off with free shipping when you spend $100, I pretty much scored.  $12. out-of-pocket and far too easy to ignore}

JCrew Collage

But by mid-day I was starting to feel like I copped out on Black Friday. No presents for myself, no armfuls full of deals and steals.

Then the Mr. called.

Not only did he have the best Surprise ever for me!!! {and I know don’t know how I’ve been living life without one for so long, so thank you} but he wanted some company to go rent his tuxedo for the Debutante Ball we’re attending tomorrow night.  It’s the same event we went to last year that is always so much fun and a perfect excuse to get dolled up.   Anyway, we’ve been toying with the idea of getting him a tux for some time now knowing that it’s a timeless piece that he’ll be able to wear year after year.   We considered buying him one before the wedding, but with all of the costs to throw a party as well as buying a new home, he wound up renting once again.

So today when we walked into the totally EMPTY men’s store to rent one – hopefully for the last time – we were smitten by a) the absence of a crowd b) the lack of complete and total chaos c) clothes all on the right ranks and d) a HUGE Buy One Get One Free Black Friday special.  Seriously huge score!  Honestly, for the price of a couple of all-in rentals, he now owns a brand new tailored to fit grey wool suit and a black tuxedo.


Electronics and Men’s Clothes.

Hardly the deals I thought I’d uncover {or be gifted with} today.  But pretty excited nonetheless.

Wondering if perhaps this means I might find some joy in a bottle of two buck chuck tonight?  Yeah, not going to push my luck.

What was your best Black Friday find? In store? or Online?

{MF Dre}



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