Antlered Rack.


What you’ll need:

  • Antlers (I bought my set on Ebay for about $25 plus shipping – this particular set was about 16″ wide)
  • Paint (I used Martha Stewart’s Textured Metallic Paint in Anchor Grey found here, a matte white spray paint and a Gold Acrylic found here)
  • 1′ x 3′ piece of wood, sanded (or smaller/larger depending on the size of your antlers)
  • Screws for mounting antlers
  • Coat Hooks

give the wood at least 2 coats of paint and allow to dry

clean and spray the antlers with at least 2 coats of matte white. 

when dry, use a small brush to apply gold detail on the tips

mount antlers and hooks onto board. (note I also painted the tips of the screws gold for effect)

This project was actually quite simple.  The hardest part was hanging it on the wall.  Knowing that coat racks often tend to be over-burdened with weight (don’, we had a contractor friend come over and do it for us yesterday to ensure it was affixed to studs in the walls and that the screws would not budge in the wall with heavy usage.

What do you think?

{MF Dre}



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