Wedding Week: #Instagrammed


We thought about having a photo booth at our wedding, but at the end of the day, we felt like perhaps they had become a bit too cliché for our taste. Our venue, the SmogShoppe, happened to have a small pink closet which screamed “use me” in some interesting way.   We considered turning it into a Signature Drink bar where guests could grab one of our infused cocktails, but ultimately decided it made a perfect kissing take-your-own-photo booth.

This decision inspired a DIY Project of sorts and the hashtag #petendre.  No Fancy Cameras, No Props, No Special Lighting.  Just a festive sign on the wall, a DIY backdrop, a pink closet, cell phones and a ton of moments, memories and details captured by our guests both inside and outside the booth!

here are just a few of our favorites check out the rest here

and if you were there, keep them coming!  Upload to Instagram with #petendre

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Pete’nDre. The Details.


We had so much fun planning, crafting, socializing, wine tasting, food tasting, cake tasting, arranging and more for our wedding last week.  As we crafted our celebration, there were details that mattered to us and those that were less important to us.

Our most important detail was a promise to one another that the evening would feel like us.

If that meant twisting traditions, unexpected surprises and {gasp} non-traditional wedding vendors, we would stay true to our creativity to design an affair that represented our style, our life and our loves.

I’ll be featuring all of the elements we placed our own personal touch and design on for our affair during a week-long Wedding special coming soon. For now, here’s a quick preview of some of my favorite details.



Escort Cards





Signature Drink

{MF Dre}

Project Wedding: the Details.


As we get closer and closer to the wedding, the big things are long out-of-the-way and we’re down to the simple details.  I decided early on that I was only going to dwell on the details as much as they were necessary (in most instances, not much at all).  Instead I’ve tried to capture them, embrace them and have fun with each one.  Here are some of the details I loved this weekend.


{Ring Design for the Mr. starting with the basic mold}


{DIY Favor Making. Can you Guess?}


{An afternoon Coffee and Pastry Sampling break at Bottega Louie.  Good thing I’m not on a crash wedding diet!}

{Escort Cards Ready for Table Assignments}


{A Gorgeous and Inspired “Bridesmaid” request for my Sister’s Indian Wedding}


{Make-up Trial: Before}


{Make-up Trial: After}

The Do Not Play list is almost complete – sorry friends – no Macarena, YMCA, Kool and the Gang, Madonna, Electric Slide, Gangnam Style or Let it Be.   The bigger question – what should we play? What are your favorite songs to dance to?

{MF Dre}

Friday LOVE.


A little Friday {LOVE} for a few of the things making me happy this week.

{Homie #2 getting in to DIY project LOVE}

{7 Mile Run LOVE}

{Nail and Coffee LOVE}

{Super Size Mr. LOVE}


What are you LOVING this week?

{MF Dre}

Locked Out but not Locked In.


 Dear Jeep, why would I want my car to auto lock when my keys are inside the car?  DESIGN FAIL.  That’s how yesterday began.  Stuck to the hood and anything walkable (or runnable).   Time to make lemonade out of lemons.  The good news is that there’s a nail salon and a lululemon less than a block from my house.  Sorry Mr.

{and lucky for me, you left your credit card on the counter – I borrowed it. That makes the fact that you locked my keys in my car and.took.the.spare and left me stuck while you’re gone all day even, mkay?}

So what does a girl do for real?

I started it out with a 12 mile run.  12:05 in 1:40. Sweeeet Run – I felt great and speedy.  I swear, it must have been the ruffles on my lululemon, right HauteRunninMamma?  And now I’m only 1950 miles away from my goal and on pace for a 1:47 half mary. I’m keeping track…If you’re on dailymile, friend me.

I finally finished and hung an Antlered Rack in our entryway.  One of the D.I.Y. projects I’ve been slowly working on for a few months.  Details and How-To Here.

Then I hit up the local Whole Foods to buy a few things so I could make the.most.DT.dessert for a wine and tapas night with our friends.  If you’ve never been to Magnolia Bakery in NY or now in LA, and never tried this, you won’t miss out if you immediately make this now.  Mine is not assembled yet so I borrowed this photo from Tiny Test Kitchen.  Best part about it – you only need 5 ingredients.  Do.It.Now.

And as promised, I hit up the nail salon for a mani/pedi followed by lululemon {and BCBG}.  Both had a Ton of stuff on sale…nothing in my size.  mini win for the Mr.’s credit card.

I think I made the best of a locked-out kind of day.


Prefer living in the City? Suburbs? 

Ever been to Magnolia Bakery?  Do you get cupcakes or pudding? (or Both…)

{MF Dre}