DT Alert: Mas Malo


More ridiculously good DT to tell you about.  It’s about T’nT again…. my FAVES!  I know you’re probably thinking  are the only things this girl eats and drinks Tacos and Tequila? kinda sorta yes.  I mean, if you planned my dream meal and any other random meal of the week, yes.  I’m like the Veruca Salt of tacos – Fish Tacos, Chicken Tacos, Beef Tacos, Potato Tacos, Shrimp Tacos – I want them all–give them to me now!  Side note: we even had breakfast tacos at our brunch the day after our wedding. Ob.Sessed.

I’ll admit I draw the line at late night drive throughs and Choco-Tacos, but truly I can dominate all sorts of tacos.   Some of my favorites are here in Venice,  here in Malibu, here and here in New York and now HERE in Downtown Los Angeles.

{I am a firm believer in having a go-to in any city I’m in — especially when I suddenly dying of hunger and need to be fed before I become the most painful person in the world to deal with…ask the Mr.  it’s true. very true.  he packs me snacks just in case}

Anyway, we were running some last-minute errands for our wedding a few weeks ago downtown including picking out flowers and picking up the Mr.’s ring and we stumbled upon Mas Malo. It’s actually right across the street from one of our other favorites, Bottega Louie.  It was only about 11am in the morning but they were open and serving brunch.

Yes, Please.

Mas Malo is an old jewelry building turned gorgeous Mexican Restaurant.  Huge Vaulted and Arched Ceilings, Marble Floors, Art Deco Inspired with Frescoes on the Wall.  Hardly your dive-y, cave-like Mexican joint.

Being that it was early Saturday morning and Downtown LA is not truly known for its weekend-morning vibe, we were the only ones in the restaurant! That was certainly a first, but kind of fun to have the place to ourselves.

{Side note: we went back a week later after this crazy midget wrestling and the place was packed}

The Mr. went with brunch – Huevos Rancheros and a Modelo; I got all Veruca Salt on the tacos and paired my Fish Taco Zucchini Blossom taco AND Ground Beef and Pickle taco with some Echo Park aka straight from the street cart Corn and a Michelada.

Shocker, but I strayed from the ‘nT at MM.

Not gonna lie.  I pretty much have been dreaming about these tacos since the minute I stuffed my face with them. {oh and the second time too since I ordered the EXACT SAME THREE TACOS}.  Creature Dreamer of Habit.  I kind of went out on a wire with the Beef and Pickle {and sure, the Zucchini Blossom too} – not your average tacos.  Actually way BETTER than your average tacos.  The zucchini blossom was every vegetarians dream come true in a taco and served on a corn tortilla, it brought forward all of the best of each of the flavors.  The combo of the pickle and beef taco far over-delivered on my expectations – it was simply outstanding and I laughed to find out its ever-so-trite origin

“It’s simple. I was twelve years old and my mom was prepping for hamburgers when she realized she had no bread. She took a tortilla and turned it into hard taco with the beef and the pickles. Since then I haven’t wanted hamburgers any other way.” — Malo and Mas Malo chef Robert Luna

The only thing that was a miss – the Migas.  They weren’t bad, they just weren’t anything special in comparison to the rest. Wavering thumb for the Mr…

Good thing I usually order more than I can eat!

Tell me – where are the best taco spots in your neighborhood?

Is there something that you could eat for breakfast, lunch and dinner?

{MF Dre}


My Kind of Holiday.


Nope, sorry. Not Ash Wednesday.  That whole giving-things-up-for-40-days…I never really know what to do.

Some may find it odd, but I don’t have many vices/addictions/musts/needs/whathaveyou that I’d really miss for 40 days. Maybe I should stick to the do-something-good for 40 days. But wait, I’m trying.

So it might just be a smidge ironic that today happens to be a Holiday dedicated to one of my favorite things

T of TnT.  Um, yes, please. With a lime on top. And one squeezed in for good measure too.

So maybe I should give up the T juice for Lent.  Probably not.  With all the Marathon Training, I’ve pretty much already given up most of the drinking anyway.  Slowly realized that alcohol may not be as good a fuel as Gu and Nuun and real food too.

{let’s just call this a #runnerproblem}

So back to the T.

Met up with my Yogi friend who’s going through all sorts of fun curveball-ish life changes for a little dish session sponsored by Don Julio.

That right there, in the upper left, is THE Pink Taco Margarita and some salsa that I spilled all over the place while trying to pour it into my mouth. How did this T-Marg measure up in the world of best.happy.hour.ever.margaritas? From this self-proclaimed  tequila/margarita connoisseur’s perspective

On the sabor scale of Fireworks, because Tequila and Fireworks often go together in my house, this margarita was definitely not a ground spinner, but I’ll give it a sparkler status – it was meant to be held and gave off small colored sparks with each sip.


 {MF Dre}

  • Did you celebrate National Margarita Day?
  • Rocks? Blended? Salt? No Salt?
  • Do you give up anything for Lent each year? 

Wednesday Rambles.


In a strained effort to get through hump day, I usually feel like Wednesday is a blur of rambles.  No exception today.

The Mr. and I went out to celebrate some good news last night.  He planned on somewhere fancy and when I got home, all I wanted was TnT.  Yes, Tequila and Tacos. Stayin’ classy.  So we went to Casa Linda for corn tortillas filled with heaven.  And.a.vat.of.guacamole.

They don’t serve alcohol there so he also handed me a red cup with tequila to go. {Along the lines of staying classy, maybe this is the tattoo I’ll finally commit to}.

Do you Pin?  I joined Pinterest last April and have made this, this, this, this, this, this and this. But I kind of forgot about it after a bit.  Now that it is apparently the Fastest growing site EVER and all of you are starting to follow me, maybe I’ll re-obsess over Pinterest again.

I also have a resume that looks like this. But I am not sure I’d ever apply for the job that would actually appreciate it.

Looking for a new Marathon shoe.  I’ve abandoned the Asics Gel Kayanos (too heavy) and the New Balance 890’s (fall apart and don’t hold the 350-400 miles I need out of shoes).  Wear the New Balance 1400 Racing Flat and Saucony Kinvara 2 for shorter distance mid-week runs.

Yoga Hop Yoga Hop Yoga Hop tonight.  Hoping that after a sweaty 40 minutes of mashups – both the music kind and the body kind, Matthew might play this for a little cool down. Seeing as we didn’t really get the storm of the year yesterday, a little Purple Rain might be nice.

{MF Dre}

  • Do you have a favorite longer distance-but-not-too-heavy running shoe? 
  • Are you on Pinterest?  Do you know any men that Pin? Seems so girl to me.