Dear Boston. The Fight Against Cancer is On.


Something pretty incredible and unexpected happened this week. I was invited to join one of the very limited spots on Fred’s Team and run in the 2012 Boston Marathon to raise funds for crucial cancer research.

Who is Fred?

Fred Lebow’s (June 3, 1932 – October 9, 1994) passion for running energized an entire nation. He founded the New York City Marathon, which now attracts over 45,000 runners from all over the world. He continued to run as means to fight back against a cancer diagnosis.

In early 1990, after Fred was diagnosed with brain cancer, he became determined to use running as means to battle the disease. He designated Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center as the New York City Marathon’s first official charity. In 1991, a group of marathon runners responded by raising more than $650,000 to support cancer research at MSKCC.

In 1992, Fred ran his final New York City Marathon in celebration of his 60th birthday and his cancer’s remission. Nine-time marathon women’s champion Grete Waitz ran this epic race alongside him. That year, Fred and a group of marathon runners raised nearly $1 million to support research at Memorial Sloan-Kettering.

Fred lost his battle with cancer on October 9, 1994

Click here to view the video of Fred Lebow crossing the finish line during his final New York City Marathon in 1992, accompanied by nine-time New York Marathon champion Grete Waitz.

It is an honor and an incredible opportunity to not only to participate in this historic and prestigious race, but also to dedicate my efforts and my energy towards supporting such an important cause.

My goal is to raise $5,000.

I would like to ask for your support by donating to my run.

Why Is This So Important to Me?

Some of you have been a part of my personal journey, and many of you may not know this as it is not high on my storytelling list.  In 2000, I was diagnosed with Malignant Melanoma, the most deadly form of Skin Cancer.  After a routine skin check, my intuition led me back to the Doctor’s office to request they remove a mole that had been ruled “normal”.  I am LUCKY. The end result of this story is positive and not near as grave as it could have been.  Two surgeries later, I am here today to tell the story.  Here’s what I’ve also learned:

  • Intuition is a far more powerful tool than one can imagine. Listen.
  • None of us are Immune. Dark Skin, Olive Skin, Freckles. We’re all Targets.
  • Spray Tans Rock!!

Separately, 3 years ago, I was involved in a snowboarding accident resulting in a very severe back injury and leaving me unable to walk. As an athlete, fueled by movement, training, hard work and dedication, this was physically and emotionally devastating not to mention excruciatingly painful.  After 2 more surgeries, I was told I was unlikely to run EVER again.  I was not willing to accept this fate and to give up something I loved.  Fast Forward, here I am.  About to run the Boston Marathon with a sub-4 goal.  Talk about unstoppable.

Today I am grateful to be able to RUN the Boston Marathon in full health and to support a very personal cause.  Please make a gift to my run today, and bring us one step closer to a world without cancer by clicking on the Donate to Andrea button below.

I promise run with dedication and passion to honor the brave people I know and love who are battling cancer.
I promise to run with hope to make a difference in the lives of so many people affected by this deadly disease — by funding research that can lead to new and better treatments and higher survival rates.
I promise to run with confidence to support the work done at Memorial Sloan-Kettering, an institution with unequaled expertise in diagnosing and treating cancer.

Please make a gift to my run today, and bring us one step closer to a world without cancer.  Your support helps fund new research and new treatments that bring true hope to countless men, women, and children.

For those of you who work for companies that match donations, please also consider this option.

xx, Andrea

{MF Dre}


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