Brain Food.


Have you ever ordered anything from an infomercial?  As Seen on TV?

Last week I came home to a stack of brown boxes on my doorstep  – inside – an Air Climber, Perfect Brownie Pan, Ped Egg, Swivel Sweeper and Neckline Simmer – seriously,  I’ve got that much free time.   Kidding aside, I secretly still really want a Perfect Brownie Pan.

One of those boxes was a surprise. The others  — well, I fully admit that I had a momentary weakness of I’m too busy to go shopping but I need want new things.  More on those later.  The surprise box…


A box filled with a variety of Protein Shakes and Bars from Premiere Nutrition.



and a tweet in my inbox:

Congrats to our latest #proteinpop winners! @meli_melz88@brittanybabe18@steph814@mfdre@msprincessleigh, & @kacie_phillips.

— PremierProtein @premierprotein

HUH?  I won?  Wait, what did I enter?  How on earth did this get to me {I’ll totally take it, but wait, how??}

Reality Check: I entered, I won, I acknowledged I won and I totally sent them my shipping address. WTF Brain? Are you really thaaaaat fried? Or are you just getting old? 


We’ll just call it a brain fart so that I can pretend I still have every spring in my step and every screw still tight.  Clearly though, I needed some serious Brain Fuel in the form of Protein. Well timed Premiere Nutrition, well timed.

Amino Acids from proteins consumed through food are crucial for brain stimulation because they build the brain’s network. Besides providing protein building blocks, amino acids calm the brain, stimulate the brain and provide energy. Complete proteins contain all amino acids and are present in foods like meat, fish, cheese and eggs, while incomplete proteins contain only some amino acids and include grains, legumes and nuts. The RDA for protein is age-and gender-dependent. (source)

 Brain Stimulation. Energy. Duh.

and they taste darn delicious.

{not in a true DT kind of way, but in a I just brought a pre-packaged-protien-packed snack to work that I didn’t have to think about and it’s pretty tasty and pretty good for my brain kind of way}

My favorites – the Yogurt Peanut Crunch bar and the Vanilla Shake.  And since my brain is working again, I’ll be really honest –  the Mr. dominated all of the chocolate shakes before I could try them so I can’t say that I didn’t or wouldn’t have liked them better than the vanilla, but at the rate he put them back, I’d call them winners too.  None of the bars or shakes were too sweet or chalky and they left no metallic aftertaste as some protein bars and shakes do.  They don’t have any sugar alcohol in them either which has been known to give me major stomach problems.

So yeah, guess what came with me to work almost every day this week


Guess it makes sense that I could post this late Friday afternoon.

Brain is officially working again. Maybe I should use this moment of brain power to pull the trigger on buying the Magic Brownie so that I can make some of these

{MF Dre}


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